Are you looking for an acupuncturist or acupuncture services? My name is Denise Lichtig and I’ve been practicing acupuncture in Davis CA for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of clients feel better and improve their health.

I’ve been practicing Acupuncture in Davis CA for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of clients feel better and improve their health. I have a passion for acupuncture and Chinese medicine and I can use it to improve your life in many ways.

Here are the most common ailments my clients have seen me for:

  • Reducing Pain
  • Improving Sense of Well-Being
  • Strengthening Immune System
  • Lowering Stress, Anxiety, Frustration & Worry
  • Decreasing Side-Effects of Chemo / Radiation Therapy
  • Increasing Recovery Time from Injury, Illness and/or Surgery
  • Reducing symptoms of Allergies, Asthma and other Respiratory ailments
  • Relieving Insomnia, PMS, Migraine, Menopausal symptoms (see more symptoms)

I treat a wide range of conditions, both chronic and acute, and difficult “intractable” cases. Many clients come to me after they have exhausted other traditional approaches and wish to maintain their health and move into a sense of consistent well-being. Together, we work with the initial condition and symptoms to find the root of the disharmony.

What sets me apart from other Acupuncturists in Davis is that I am also a medical intuitive and healer. Therefore, I bring in a multitude of different modalities to assist in your overall improvement. I have completed years of rigorous acupuncture training and am licensed & certified by the State of California. I also carry a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I also teach Meditation and Tai-Chi and can show you how to integrate them to improve your healing. The Acupuncture needles I use are sterile, disposable, and FDA approved to ensure your safety. Each treatment plan is as individual as you are. I consider the whole person and do not rush sessions. Expect an hour for treatment and a little longer for the initial visit. I offer a safe and compassionate environment, so you can fully relax and bring your body to its natural alignment and rhythm.



Acupuncture is one of the important healing therapies of Chinese medicine. It is used in the prevention and treatment of disease process, whether it is a cold, or flu, or immune deficiency or trauma. This is a healing modality that began over three thousand years ago, and still exists due to its healing capabilities.


Chinese Medicine

I work with dimensional & viberational healing through intuitive process to assit realigning the charkas. I offer spiritual guidance through inner visions, shamanic process, to assist in identifying blockages to a happy and healthy life. I believe in helping people empower themselves and their healing process.



Beginning Meditation helps you to know yourself better and experience a community of like-minded individuals. Group meditation fosters a deep and powerful connectivity where the sense of meditation is easily felt. Beginners will learn a foundation practice that they can take into any setting or spiritual practice.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan cultivates qi, your life force or energy, which makes it a longevity practice and also moves qi in profound and powerful ways, removing any obstructions or blockages that may have developed in the course of daily or long-term stresses. As a daily practice, it continually supports your life path.

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My wife and I both see Denise on a weekly basis and have experienced many numerous benefits to our overall well-being & health. Highly recommended!!!...
Pete K., Davis CA
I was in pain for over 10 years. Doctors and medicine could not help me. I have been going to Denise for almost 5 years and she has kept my pain at a 0-2 instead of a 9 or 10...
Kurt C., Davis CA
I have been a patient of Denise for 8 years. I have a serious disease and would not consider going to anyone else. Denise is a great healer. When I was originally diagnosed my doctor gave me six months to live and that was eight years ago. I never received any mainstream medical treatment but instea...
Jim S., Placerville CA

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